Aducation is defined by the Urban Dictionary as: An education derived from TV, Magazine, and Bill Board advertisements. It’s a concept (an art, perhaps) that I think you’ll be exposed to and see a lot more of in the future. Teaching sells. Not only does it sell, but it spreads too. You’re more inclined to […]

Yesterday I went to the post office to ship some of my books and there was a fairly long line, probably because the post office was closed on Monday for Columbus Day.

I grabbed a number and had a seat. Because I’m at the post office so often, I know most of the employees. But yesterday an employee I’ve only seen a few times approached me and said that instead of waiting I could go use the automated postage machine in the lobby if I wanted.

I politely declined and told him I didn’t mind waiting. He seemed surprised but said “o.k.” and went on his way.Continue Reading

tall magazine feb 2005A few years ago there was a magazine geared towards the vertically gifted called Tall Magazine. At 6’8″, I was an avid reader. Unfortunately the magazine is no longer around but while it was still being published I had an article printed in it about how tall people could build or remodel their homes to be more height friendly. For posterity, here’s the article:Continue Reading

Image credit: AndreaTX on Flickr
Image credit: AndreaTX on Flickr
We went to see Eric Clapton and Roger Daltrey at Amway Arena this past weekend. The show was good…Daltrey rocked it a little harder than Clapton but good show all around.

We were staying at Royal Pacific (gotta love the upgrade to the King Suite) and had dinner at The Palm which of course involved a couple cocktails, so we decided to take a cab to the concert. Getting a cab to the concert was no problem…after the concert not so easy.

So we ended up getting a ride in a van that had been rented by these two guys headed to Portofino, next door pretty much to Hard Rock where we were going back to. It was by far the funniest cab/van rides we’ve ever experienced. (Audio below)

“I referred like four people to you already. I’m networking for ya buddy. What’s that? Well they haven’t called you yet because they can never get ahold of you. Your a buuuusy man!”

Apparently they were flying out Monday to go to NYC for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The one guy was on the phone with his ticket broker Michael (who was skiing in Aspen) trying to get some balcony seats, limo, etc. I wish I had caught more of the conversation because there were some other funny parts involving Madonna and private jets but this is still pretty funny:

Clapton Van Ride