Aducation is defined by the Urban Dictionary as: An education derived from TV, Magazine, and Bill Board advertisements. It’s a concept (an art, perhaps) that I think you’ll be exposed to and see a lot more of in the future. Teaching sells. Not only does it sell, but it spreads too. You’re more inclined to […]

My Tall Housing Article in Tall Magazine

tall magazine feb 2005

A few years ago there was a magazine geared towards the vertically gifted called Tall Magazine. At 6’8″, I was an avid reader. Unfortunately the magazine is no longer around but while it was still being published I had an article printed in it about how tall people could build or remodel their homes to […]

So After The Clapton Concert

Image credit: AndreaTX on Flickr

We went to see Eric Clapton and Roger Daltrey at Amway Arena this past weekend. The show was good…Daltrey rocked it a little harder than Clapton but good show all around. We were staying at Royal Pacific (gotta love the upgrade to the King Suite) and had dinner at The Palm which of course involved […]