A Strong Case For The Value of Your Hyperlocal Site

Today, a lesson on just how valuable your hyperlocal website and the email list you build along with it can truly be.

In May, my sister and I were tasked with selling a house that we came to own together after our mother passed away last year.

In addition to the usual methods of putting a sign in the yard, placing an ad in the paper and throwing it up on Zillow, I figured hey, why not write about it and send a link out to my email subscribers?

You can see the post I wrote here: http://www.floridaforboomers.com/key-colony/

I sent about 4,000 emails to my list from FloridaforBoomers.com, and I also sent out to a list of about 6,000 from TheVillagesFloridaBook.com.

Even though the house I was selling is about 2 hours away from The Villages, I know that one thing people considering The Villages struggle with is that its so far away from the beach. My thinking was that this house would be a perfect weekend getaway for someone with a home in The Villages.

Here’s the text of the email I sent to my Villages list:


Fellow AP’er Tom Malcolm happens to be on my email list and he sent me a note after receiving this particular message complimenting my email copy. Thanks Tom!

But, turns out you can’t please everyone…I got some hate mail too:


Oh well…haters gonna hate ;)


Right inbox at the right time?

I had a total of just 4 people fill out the form I placed at the bottom of that post seeking more information.

The fourth person to contact me happened to be the personal assistant to someone on my Villages list who got my email, lives in The Villages now, but “might be interested in a beach get-away.”

I set up a time for him to come see it, he shot a video of the house using his iPad, took it to the interested buyer (his boss), she liked it, made an offer and we accepted.

The buyer never even set foot in the house herself.

Awesome. I just sold a house through my hyperlocal website!

But wait, there’s more…

I was curious, where exactly did this person come from…how did she get on my list?

So I fired up aweber and searched using her email address, and here’s what I saw:


Holy cow…not only did I sell a house via my hyperlocal site, but this person joined my list from an ad on FACEBOOK back in July of 2012. I used Facebook ads for several months last year, and when someone clicked on my ad they would be taken to a specific landing page within facebook with my aweber form on it, and this is precisely how the buyer got on my email list.

After this experience, here are a few takeaways…

1. Don’t under estimate the power of what you are building with your hyperlocal site. I think you’ll be amazed what your site and resulting email list can accomplish for you. Yes, there is a sizeable time and monetary investment involved with getting it off the ground, but focus on the long game.

2. Focus on building your list. Your site exists to build your list. Without my list, this particular sale doesn’t happen.

3. Let’s hear it for Facebook ads. I turned them off for a few months last year for various reasons that aren’t important to cover here, but after this experience they are back on.


  1. Theresa Delgado says


    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and review all the steps. I believe this situation holds true for many cases…and it takes time, tracking and tenacity.

    Congratulations on the success (after your hard work that is) – Theresa

  2. Ryan Erisman says

    Boom is right Dr. Farnworth. That was the one with the “driveway long enough to land a plane” :)

  3. Connor says

    First – Love your theme…

    There is a lot to be said for your write up. I totally get the “haters” thing, some people are truly too bold on email…

    Thanks for laying out the steps, It reminds me to keep my list and check it twice for sure…

    my BEST

  4. jeffrey says

    Ryan, inspiring story on so many fronts, my favorite part of relationship selling are those unexpected incoming calls from buyers!!! Nothing like having a long term attitude and doing the groundwork consistently and then being mezmorized sp? by where the next client comes from eh??


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