Real Estate Marketing Monthly – December 2014

Welcome to the very first issue of Real Estate Marketing Monthly! My goal here is to bring you my personally curated selection of the best marketing tips, strategies and resources I’ve come across over the past month and explain how they can be applied to your real estate business to get more clients and sell […]

Minimum Viable Analytics Dashboard

I see both real estate agents and local site owners burn a lot of valuable time poking around in Google Analytics, especially when they’re first starting out with a site. I get it. It’s kind of a rush to see validation that people are coming to your site and consuming the content you’ve created. I’m […]

A Strong Case For The Value of Your Hyperlocal Site

Today, a lesson on just how valuable your hyperlocal website and the email list you build along with it can truly be. In May, my sister and I were tasked with selling a house that we came to own together after our mother passed away last year. In addition to the usual methods of putting […]

Sometimes It’s O.K. to Talk Bad About Your Market

Most real estate blogs focus solely on the good things about an area. I get it. It’s your job to promote the area and tell readers and potential customers just how great it is. You don’t make money when people decide not to buy in your area. But this strategy can make for a pretty […]